5 Things We Miss About Living In Southie

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The big move to the burbs wasn’t a surprise, but a much anticipated step. After having our second baby, we realized that 673 sqft with 2 adults 2 kids and a dog was a bit tight… So we looked forward to the day of having a house and a yard, and all of our wishes did come true. But one thing that we didn’t think about, is that Southie will forever have a piece of our hearts.

It was OUR first real home together. That’s where we brought our first (furry) baby (Oliver – the most adorable frenchie). Thats where we brought our two little girls home, where our family started. That’s where our business boomed. That’s where our life together began.

We are excited for the new chapter in our lives in the burbs, but before we go get that minivan and go full on “soccer mom” state we wanted to share the 5 things that we miss most about good old Southie.

  1. Loco: Oh man, when we hear anyone utter the words fish tacos or oysters, BOOM. Our first thought is LOCO. Amazing food, amazing drinks which made for some amazing nights out. If you haven’t been there, we highly recommend them.
  2. Evening walks on the beach/boardwalk: As soon as you walked out our front door you could smell the ocean. Being able to walk to the beach in 5 minutes was a dream. Those nights with the kids definitely comes to mind when we would stand by the water and teach them to skip rocks into the water. This was something so simple but ingrained those happy smiles and their overwhelming joyful laughs in our minds/
  3. Winter Parking: a.k.a. Free entertainment! The parking in the winter after a snowstorm was quite comical and interesting. I’m talking about spot savers. If you’ve lived in Soutie, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Some use cones, but most of the time you’d see something truly unique. We’ve seen lamps, carseats (no baby in them), trash barrels, even a toilet one time. That was the best one, we’d have to say. Ours was a laundry basket 😉
  4. Boston Children’s Museum: From the first time of ever being there, this quickly became our daughter Victoria’s most favorite place on Earth. So much as we would visit 3 times a week (thank you membership). There is so much for the little ones to learn and discover. It’s the best thing seeing their little faces light up when they first walk through the door.
  5. Castle Island/Sullivan’s: Lastly, good ole Castle Island and home of Sullivan’s. A great family spot to visit. We’d take the kids here every so often. Having picnics (another one of Victoria’s favorites) was always a good time. And if you didn’t want to stress about what to pack for lunch, Sullivan’s was right there too. For seafood lovers, the lobster rolls are amazing. No need to drive to Maine for those any more 😉

Soutie’s got it all. Thank you for being our home and giving us so many memories. We will forever be your biggest fan!




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