Taj Boston Hotel Wedding Photos | Amanda & James


On last weeks post we shared some of our favorite wedding details, one of featured bouquets with trailing ribbons from Amanda & James’ gorgeous Boston wedding. But there was so much more from that day! Such as Amanda’s bridesmaids dresses. These were the most beautifully co-ordinated shades of blush pink. On the day of the wedding as I lined up the girls dressed for a shot, all the girls gathered behind me, Amanda comically looked down and shook her head: “Those dresses caused so much headache” she said. “Huh? How? They are gorgeous!” I replied. Well, as it turns out, all the dressed were bought separately! And by separately I mean not just different states but different countries! Amanda gave her girls the following direction: “Blush pink and long”.  Clearly everyone shared the same vision as Amanda.

While planning each detail James and Amanda had also written notes to exchange on the day of. Watching Amanda read, you could truly tell that James’ note said everything about their relationship. As she picked it up she giggled: “Mrs. Higgs”she read aloud. She then shared that they often spoke about her name change, but that giggle could only mean one thing, she loved the way it looked on paper, in his handwriting. As she opened her gift from James, tears ran down her face. She held it close to her heart. It was a beautiful blue sapphire that once belonged to James’ mother. No words were said but at that moment none were needed.

Amanda and James were married at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA and celebrated at the Boston Taj Hotel surrounded by their closest family and friends. The dance floor definitely got some amazing ware & tare that night.

Thank you guys for having us document your first day of forever.

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  1. Alicia Davies says: Reply

    So lovely to see all of your pictures ! We are so happy that we were there to celebrate your wedding with you! Wishing love and blessings in your life together.
    Love uncle Bill, Auntie Anita and Alicia

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