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As wedding photographers, we strive off new ideas and new locations. We love having the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and backgrounds and having something new and exciting to learn about our clients weekly. We get some sort of rush out of our love to connect with couples and their families on such an important day in their lives.

Looking back on Jackie and Simon’s engagement session, we remembered how posh their style was and the class they displayed in their photos. We had a wonderful time capturing some amazing shots of them in the Beacon Hill and Back Bay areas. When looking back through the photos from the engagement session, we got very excited to photograph their wedding. We knew from the couple’s description of their wedding, we would be immersed into a full on Armenian Wedding experience.

We all know that a wedding is not only a significant time in the lives of the bride and the groom, but also for the family and friends that join them on that day to share their love and support. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures. Many of these customs and traditions, have endured the test of time, having emerged centuries ago, and remain to be passed down from generation to generation. What we loved about Jackie and Simon’s wedding was how they upheld their family’s culture and religious values, while still adding a modern aesthetic twist.

As we look back and ponder on the details of the day, three words that easily come to mind are tradition, style, and fun.

Tradition is thinking or behaving in a way that upholds customs of a particular group, family or members of society.  This was not the first time we’ve shot an Armenian wedding, so we knew there were specific moments during the ceremony we needed to keep an eye out for to be sure not to miss. One of them was the crowning moment….as in the couples literally had crowns bestowed upon them. It’s rather fascinating to witness, and leaves us in awe each time we see it happen. This crowning moment is one the most important parts of the ceremony. It symbolizes the climax of the wedding service. The crowns are the sign of the glory and honor with which God crowns the bride and the groom during the Sacrament. They are crowned as the rulers of their own personal kingdom, their home, where they will rule with wisdom, justice, and integrity. The crown represents sacrifice as well. The couple pledges to be ready to sacrifice in life for the benefit of the unification of the marriage. Truly an astonishing moment.


The modern twist was a matter that resulted in multiple head turns as the bride and bridesmaids strutted down the runway…I mean altar. This was one of the first times we’d shot a wedding where each bridesmaid wore white. They were a simple and lovely addition. Jackie was an elegant bride, wearing her dress with the most class and confidence. It was impossible not to catch a great photo of her. The wedding incorporated a Hollywood, glamorous theme, filled with lovely decorations, dazzling bouquets and the coolest double decker bus. It was a wedding that belonged in Vanity Fair magazine.


In the midst of all the planning and frenzy of the wedding day, one thing we loved was that Jackie and Simon didn’t forget to make the wedding day fun, not only for themselves but for their guest, and even us. There was so much laughter and joy throughout the entire day. A fun moment we recall, was following the newly wed couple from the church to the state house as the rode in a pedicab. This was 15 min of pure fun accompanied with champagne, allowing the couple to debrief from the day and just enjoy being together and married without all the hype and mass excitement from their friends and family. We got to capture this moment, circling around the couple in our pedicab, and capture the genuine love and joy between Jackie and Simon.


Lets also not forget the electricity from the dance floor. We watched the guests tear it up and shut it down on the dance floor without a care in the world. Everyone seemed to be so excited to have witness such a beautiful union. We found ourselves having a hard time keeping up.

These two are an absolutely lovely, fun and harmonious couple and we wish them nothing but the best!

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