It’s Time for that Back Burner List


For most, in the Boston area, wedding season is coming to an end and that so called “slow time” is right around the corner. It’s so easy to relax, forget about the to-do list and hibernate until spring. Not worry about the photoshoots or charging your gear, developing, delivering, meeting… We all need a break sometimes. But the important thing to remember is that WE are the business and WE are responsible for its successes or failures.

That slow time is perfect to not only relax to but prepare. In the thick of the season we don’t always have time for everything, so we have an ongoing back burner list. The things that don’t have a deadline but are crucial for the success of our business. So as we get ready to attack this list, we wanted to share a few things from our list with you. Who’s with us?

  • Send gear out for maintenance
    Almost everything in life needs maintenance: cars, oil tanks, annual check ups for our pets, and annual physicals for ourselves. Like everything else our gear also suffers from wear and tear throughout the season. So take this down time to send your gear out for a spa day. It will thank you!
  • Update your website with the fresh new work
    In the thick of the wedding season we have a system, shoot-develop-deliver. We serve our couples and get the photos to them, but we forget to show off that work on our digital storefront. So much great work happened in 2016, so let’s show it off. Take the time to keep it fresh with your newest, latest and greatest on your website.
  • Submit your work to be published
    What’s that next step after social media and your website? Blogs, magazines! Don’t ever say: “My work is not good enough”. Just go ahead, submit, because if you don’t you’ll never know who would have published your work.
  • Create your social media calendar
    Our September and October alone had 14 weddings, 7 engagement sessions, 10 meeting, 15 conference calls, 5 events, so we were so incredibly thankful to have built a social media calendar to fall back on. It’s easier to create the calendar and use it as a guideline than to wake up every day and wonder: “What should I post today?”
  • Build venue & vendor relationships
    We’re all in this together! Venue’s love to have updated photos and we would love to come back to our favorite spots. So, share the photos and watch the good karma come back.

So, take advantage of your slow time to not just relax but also recharge and prepare. 2017 is right around the corner.


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