For photographers: Easy 1-2-3 for Back in Season


Like many wedding photographers, we too still feel that off-season atrophy. That time where its less GO GO GO and things seem to come to a screeching halt. Don’t get us wrong, we love off season just as much as you. It gives us that much needed time to relax and handle that back burner list we’ve been nitpicking all year. And most importantly spending time with loved ones. We love family and absolutely adore our two little ladies. So watching them grow and spending time with them is truly near and dear to our hearts.

However when January 1 comes, we know it’s time to start ramping back up.

How do you handle your off-season? Here’s what we do.

  1. Test gear, batteries and memory.These are the tools we need to do what we do best. So like a well oiled machine those tools still need their regular TLC. We shoot Canon and have quite a bit of it so it only made sense to have a CPS membership. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a paid service that Canon offers so Canon users can send their gear in for service, cleaning, sharpening; you name it. We hold a Gold Membership, definitely worth the $100 a year.
    Batteries and memory: We’d say, if it’s been giving you issues toss it. We photograph weddings so there really are no do overs when it comes to those truly genuine moments; so don’t risk it, replace it.
  2. Stay active. Weddings can be quite physically exhausting. So, get out of the house once in awhile. Even if that means getting out and doing yard work or shoveling snow. Some sort of activity is better than none.
  3. Look the part. Besides your work looking great, we as photographers also have to think about how we present. Before wedding season begins, we check our attire. It is a wedding after all, so we dress for it. But when looking at our clothes we check for rips, stains and stitching.

In our line of work it’s not uncommon that you find us climbing into bushes or occasionally laying on the ground to get that “perfect shot”. So yes, more often than not we get a little dirty. A trip to the dry cleaners may be in order, but can certainly prolong the life of your digs. Our advice; if something is beyond repair, replace it!

All in all, still enjoy that much needed relaxation and rest but don’t forget that wedding season comes faster than you think. So be proactive and keep those small tasks in mind as they will help out big time.


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