Back from hibernation


A few warm days are certainly getting us out from hibernation. Some would say hibernation is a time to relax, but in the Prudente household it was a polar opposite. We took the time to renovate, organize, and re-adjust everything to fit our new suburban life, home and neighborhood.

For 2.5 years we’d been searching for our forever home, and for some odd reason I (Anya) fell madly, deeply in love with the city of Melrose. A love so strong, that we couldn’t even consider looking in other towns. Crazy, right? Well, after so many outbid offers, you’d think that we would move on.

But, we stood strong and stuck to our guns and dreams finally came true. When we got that message from our realtor of  “offer was accepted!!! We cue’d the paper bags and lots of pinching.

The longer than usual closing of 2 months seems to be never ending, but finally the big move date came- December 19. The hectic morning included last minute packing, and boxes that just simply said: “things”. Those are the boxes that now 4 months later still remain unpacked. (For those who have ever moved, we’re sure you can relate 😉

The unpacked boxes, however were nothing comparing to the major undertaking that happened. You might have heard us mutter the words “kitchen renovation” but what we really meant was … Close an exit and make it into a pantry, knock down a wall, re-insulate, delead, rewire, add a half bathroom, add exterior door to the back of the house, add a deck, add a patio… the list continues.

At this point we have owned the house for just over 4 months now but only lived there for 2 of them. It’s strange to say we’ve moved into our house twice, and we hope the second will be our final. The word excited would be a true understatement of how we feel to be finally settled in. While the work on the house/deck/patio are in motion, we wanted to share our overhaul with you! The pre project photos are really not worth showing, so we will skip the progress and jump straight to the pretty. We still have a lot of decorating and backspashing to do, but trust us this is a BIG improvement!

reno-1 reno-2 reno-3 reno-4 reno-7 reno-8

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    Gorgeous you guys!!! Congratulations! ??

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