Hello 2018!


Here we are! 9 days into 2018 and realizing that the last blog was written in June of 2017! Yikes! Life definitely happened!

2017 was a blur and if you follow us on social media, you probably saw everything that happened! But to sum it up, here we go:

  • Our biggest news- we welcomed our 3rd baby on August 16, 2017. A baby boy at 8lbs 2 oz- Michael Joseph.
  • We shot 36 weddings for our amazing couples
  • We shot 35 engagement sessions, some for 2017 couples and some for 2018
  • We did A LOT of renovations to our hour, including new kitchen, added half bath, added a deck and a patio, replaced our sewer line
  • Hosted Victoria 4th Birthday Party, of course princess themes
  • Hosted Sasha’s 2nd Birthday Party, Unicorn galore
  • With three kids and a dog in tow, we drove to Florida and back. To visit Jimmy’s Parents.
  • Anya turned 30! Oh, boy!
  • We planted our first garden ever, and enjoyed some tomatoes, raspberries, sugar snap peak, parsley, zuchini from our garden
  • Anya’s mom visited for 4 months (she lives in Belarus), and we all loved spending so many time with BABA

Is that it? Maybe not… But just making this list, made our head spin. How is it possible that all that fit into just one year! But here we are in 2018, with Christmas decor put away, and ready to face 2018. The 2018 goals check list is still in process, but meanwhile we can enjoy the moments from our Christmas Tree Cutting Down. We do it every year, but this year with kids outnumbering us was pretty hectic and crazy. Thank you Nadya, for coming along to capture our crazy adventure. These photos were the stars of our Christmas Card this year and this family tradition is our most favorite one.

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