Happy Birthday, Princess!

Vika 4th-1

With our kitchen down to the studs and with no clear vision of when we would move back in, we did it! We sent out the invitations for our girls 4th Birthday Party! We knew it was risky! Planning was a challenge… so we decided to wait until last minute to pull everything together. But as always, like most parents do, we thought to ourselves “we aren’t going do anything crazy or elaborate”.

You’d think we’d have learned by now, that we can’t NOT go all out… While we didn’t go as crazy as previous years, we did still managed to make the 3D princess castle cake, sugar cookies and decorate. Jimmy (my own personal handyman) even built a dress up station, and of course, we (and the whole village) stayed up till wee hours of the morning finishing up all the little details to make our birthday girl’s day perfect.

Our little princess turned 4! Miss Victoria is growing into one independent lady with a strong love for everything royal. So, it only made sense that we would make this birthday theme very much that. We didn’t want to pick a favorite princess, or commit to all bright princess colors. So we ended up with the grown up, mature version of a princess party.

The highlights included our castle cake to match the invitation, princess dress sugar cookies, and a dress up station. We had a blast hosting our first party in the new house, and still slowly cleaning up all the glitter that our lovely princess sprinkled everywhere!

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