Happy 1st Birthday, Sasha!


Each and every year we tell ourselves that we won’t go overboard for our kid’s birthday’s. Yet here we are again to find those words flying right out the window. Sasha was turning ONE! How could we not?!

We had a vision of how we wanted Sasha’s first birthday party to look. We spent a few months planning and the week leading up to the day prepping with floral arrangements, gathering decorative supplies, snacks, baking the perfect macaroons and the ultimate chocolate raspberry iced semi naked cake. We are too scared to admit how many hours we spent on making the macaroon cookies, and afraid how many time we went shopping for the perfect décor. But, what can we say? We spend a good chunk of our weekends shooting weddings, so it’s difficult to escape that straight out of Pinterest wedding vibe.

Everything about the day was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, and we were fortunate enough to have the party under a tent, shielding us from the harsh sun. Sasha was able to greet and hang out with so many people and loved every kiss and hug that came her way. She was completely ecstatic the whole day, and her big sister Victoria, was her biggest advocate, with letting everyone know who’s birthday it was, and was right by Sasha’s side to help open her presents.

When it came time to smash the cake, Sasha was quite hesitant and sort of looked around in a way of asking permission. After a few seconds she went right to it and in no time she was elbows deep in cake. She was one beautiful, happy, messy girl.

We can’t thank all of our family and friends enough. It was an honor to have you all there and we are truly grateful to have each of you in our lives. Thank you for all the love, support and sharing this awesome day with us.

cake sashas-bday-4 sashas-bday-6 sashas-bday-1 sashas-bday-2 sashas-bday-7 sashas-bday-8 sashas-bday-9 sashas-bday-11 sashas-bday-10 sashas-bday-12 sashas-bday-15 sashas-bday-17 sashas-bday-19 sashas-bday-20Special thanks to our friend and family photographer Nadya Middleton 🙂

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