First Day of School


Our oldest, Victoria started school for the first time last week. After an amazing summer full of adventures, our little one traded in her summer dresses for the cutest little school uniform. As the day approached we weren’t sure how we would handle sending her off, we knew we’d be an emotional mess… But Victoria seemed to handle the first day with ease as we tried our hardest to refrain from tears.

We are seriously considering making a request that time slows down, with Sasha turning one and Victoria now in Pre-K and Dance, so much is happening so fast. These small humans that we created are becoming little ladies with so much personality and spunk. We could not be more proud of our two little girls. So, we’ll dealing with the First Day blues for now, but are very excited for what’s to come during the first year of Pre-K.

out-lady-1 out-lady-2 out-lady-4 out-lady-6 out-lady-8

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  1. Corey Jubinville says: Reply

    This is beautiful! Boy how time flies. She looks so excited! We wish her luck and stay strong guys.

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