Bridal Shower

We rarely get to photograph Bridal Showers, but when we do (we, meaning Anya), I do something like big smile and hop up and down in excitement! Sarah’s Bridal shower took place at this amazing restaurant Bamboo, and was filled with details, amazing desserts and games! I have been to a good amount of Bridal Showers but the games at this one were so much fun. So here is goes: Problems and Solutions. Ask your guests to write down marriage problems on one piece of paper, and solutions on the other. And put them in separate bins. After take out one by one and read them off. Some will make sense, and some won’t, but they sure will give you a good laugh.

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  1. Prudente Photography says: Reply

    Sarah’s girls did amazing planning her Bridal Shower. Head over to the blog to get decor and game ideas.

  2. Edith Spector says: Reply

    greatjob jssica


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