The top of Gibbet Hill Engagement Photos


Over the year we have been really lucky and fortunate to work with some amazing couples. And it’s no secret that we love referrals! There are so many reasons but the main two are: we love seeing our past brides & grooms after their wedding, but also our couples have the BEST of friends, so we know that their engagement sessions and wedding will be FUN.

In this case however, Kate and Shawn are more than friends. Kate is Erica’s sister, whos wedding we shot at the Beachwood Hotel back in 2014 (one of our favorite weddings of all times!). So to say that we are excited to see another sister marry the love of her life would be an understatement. *Insert the super excited emoji here*

Kate and Shawn chose the Barn at Gibbet Hill for their wedding venue, and the top of the hill at Gibbet for their e-session. The venue is a renovated barn, located in the hills of some conservation lands. It’s said to be one of New England’s most unique venues and you just have to see it to believe it! At the top of the hill there are majestic castle ruins and an amazing mountainous top view, that makes a perfect spot for engagement photos. There’s so much variety from the stone ruins, to the climbing ivy and amazing views. We had so much fun with these two; it was a night filled with laughter, snapchats, and so many good photos!


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