Arnold Arboretum Engagement Photos | Veronica & Divy


When it comes to engagement session we are always excited to see how our new couples interact together. You don’t know how many times we’ve heard couples utter the words “we aren’t good at taking photos”.

We beg to differ, anyone can be “great at it”. You just have to find what works for you. Which is one of the biggest reasons we include an engagement shoot in our wedding collection. We know that not everyone is used to being in front of the camera or knows how to pose. That’s why you have us ;). However we do like to see what you as a couple do naturally but if guidance is needed we are there to step in and take the reins.

With Divy and Veronica’s it was a little bit of both. They knew what they wanted out of the session and even had some posing ideas that we absolutely loved but other times wanted us help out. Check out their gorgeous Arnold Arboretum session below.

V&D-8 V&D-11 V&D-4 V&D-14 V&D-15 V&D-19 V&D-22 V&D-26 V&D-29 V&D-30 V&D-34 V&D-37 V&D-41 V&D-44 V&D-48 V&D-53 V&D-50 V&D-63 V&D-58 V&D-64 V&D-66 V&D-70 V&D-80 V&D-83 V&D-85 V&D-87 V&D-89 V&D-92

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