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  • Hello 2018!


    Here we are! 9 days into 2018 and realizing that the last blog was written in June of 2017! Yikes! Life definitely happened! 2017 was a blur and if you follow us on social media, you probably saw everything that happened! But to sum it up, here we go: Our biggest news- we welcomed our 3rd […]

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  • Back from hibernation


    A few warm days are certainly getting us out from hibernation. Some would say hibernation is a time to relax, but in the Prudente household it was a polar opposite. We took the time to renovate, organize, and re-adjust everything to fit our new suburban life, home and neighborhood. For 2.5 years we’d been searching […]

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  • First Day of School


    Our oldest, Victoria started school for the first time last week. After an amazing summer full of adventures, our little one traded in her summer dresses for the cutest little school uniform. As the day approached we weren’t sure how we would handle sending her off, we knew we’d be an emotional mess… But Victoria seemed to […]