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  • Bridal Shower

    We rarely get to photograph Bridal Showers, but when we do (we, meaning Anya), I do something like big smile and hop up and down in excitement! Sarah’s Bridal shower took place at this amazing restaurant Bamboo, and was filled with details, amazing desserts and games! I have been to a good amount of Bridal […]

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  • Cool find

    Wedding planning tools, cool website with great styled details

    The holidays are officially over and for the most part we are now back to reality, real life, and real cold. What’s up with the 5 degree weather? And, of course, our couples are now back to wedding planning. When planning a wedding, the details are SO important! And with so many tools our there its […]

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  • Don’t Tell The Bride

    We got a call about a week ago, for this exciting opportunity. And the concept of not telling the Bride is sort of intriguing, so we figure we will share. Below are all the rules and how you can enter to Don’t Tell the Bride on USA Network. ********* CASTING ENGAGED COUPLES WHO WANT $20,000! We […]